Viber is a popular messenger for communication, on the Android platform was first released in 2012. These days, more than 500 million users use this application. Follow the link on this page and download the official version of Viber for Android.

When you add a contact to your mobile device's address book, if the person has Viber messenger installed, a program icon will appear below the user's name after a few seconds. This means that you will be able to communicate using the Viber app.

Messenger provides contacts with high connection stability when making calls even at low internet speeds. The wi-fi network of 3G connections is used to provide subscribers with communication.

The program integrates with Android platform version 2.2 and higher.

What the program Viber can do

  • sending the coordinates of a subscriber or contacts from the address book;
  • free audio and video calls;
  • photo and text sharing;
  • video or photo disappearing function;
  • sticker and sticker catalog;
  • automatic updating;
  • blacklist;
  • playlists of embedded games.

To download the program to your mobile device follow the link on this page, and then open the file, wait for the program to install and open the application.