Google Chrome browser for iOS is one of the top three downloads. The browser is characterized by high performance and speed of loading pages. Use the link on this page and download Google Chrome browser official version for iOS free.

The program is suitable for iOS version 12.2 and above.

Google Chrome has a handy feature to synchronize with other devices through your account. When you save your documents to your cloud drive, it makes it easier to work with your data. You do not need to download documents to other media. Just log in through your account from any device and start working or sharing your files.

Program features

  • work with multiple tabs simultaneously, without slowing down your internet speed;
  • synchronize your browser with other devices that have a Google account;
  • built-in text translator;
  • tooltips in the address bar;
  • welcoming page viewer;
  • integrates with the cloud, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google services.

How to download Google Chrome browser for iOS

Check available memory. There should be 260 MB of free disk space. Download the file on this page, run the installation, wait until it finishes. After installing the browser, an icon of the program will appear on your desktop, click on it and open the browser.


Google Chrome has a built in voice search feature, take advantage of this when searching for information in the online space. Say a word or phrase clearly, and it will give you the information you're looking for. Google Chrome's search engine will also retrieve previously viewed pages if you've entered your search query more than once. Google Chrome is easy and convenient to use, which is why it's considered a top downloader.