Smartphones have long been an integral part of everyone's life. With their help, we not only call and send messages, but also take photos and videos, communicate on social networks via the Internet, have fun playing games or watching movies. An important factor when buying a new phone is the amount of internal storage, since all these photos, videos, and applications take up a lot of space. But it often happens that even a large amount of storage in a phone or tablet may not be enough for a person. To solve this problem, cloud storage has been created, where users can upload various files and documents and at the same time free up space on their device. Google Drive is a data storage service, one of the best among similar applications. The program provides not only additional space in the cloud, but also many other equally useful functions. Download the official version of Google Drive for iOS for free from our website.


This easy and intuitive utility will run without problems on a smartphone or tablet running iOS version 13.0 and newer.

About the program

The presented cloud storage is convenient to work with and gives users a considerable number of functions and opportunities for storing files and working with them. Advantages of the program:

  • Google Drive allows you to upload files of various formats to the virtual space, whether it is photos and videos or tables and text documents. The utility also offers to change their format when uploading documents to optimize storage and so that they take up less space in the cloud.
  • You can view content in the cloud not only on your device, but also on another one by logging in to your account.
  • Users can use the file access editing function. You can fully open access to the information, partially open it (allow viewing, but prohibit editing) or close it. It is also possible to open access to certain people by sending a link to the file or the file itself by email.
  • Users of iOS devices can work online in Word, Excel, and other programs. You can work either alone or together with friends or colleagues, giving them access.
  • Using your smartphone's camera, you can scan documents and upload them to disk quickly and easily.
  • The intuitive interface, as well as a large set of functions, will please every user of the virtual storage.


If your smartphone or tablet has run out of memory, do not rush to throw it away and buy a new one. Google Drive will help you solve this problem. The presented cloud storage will free up several GB of the storage and optimize your work with documents, simplify it and make it more enjoyable. Install Google Drive for free on your smartphone or tablet and make sure that the program is professional, useful, and important in modern realities.