Mozilla Firefox is one of the four browsers that users choose. Fiery red chanterelle on a blue background no one would mistake with any other browser. And instead of the chanterelle on the logo of the browser considered the Phoenix, and the Firebird, but because of the conflict of trademarks had to abandon these names, and so appeared Fiery Fox. Download the free official version of the Mozilla Firefox browser for iOS on this page.

Firefox users prefer to abbreviate the browser name to Fx or FF. On the iOS platform, the first version of the browser was released not long ago, in 2015.

The browser is compatible with iOS version 11.4 and higher.

Features of Mozilla Firefox for iOS

  • synchronization of tabs with the Mac version of the browser;
  • new tabs display frequently visited sites;
  • incognito mode;
  • smart search for queries;
  • updated reading mode;
  • password protection with master password function.

Adaptation on the iOS platform turned out good. The application loads web pages quickly, blocks ad banners and has a good library of plugins and improvements in the settings menu. The program can be customized to your preferences and make surfing the Internet even more comfortable.

How to install Mozilla Firefox browser on iOS platform

Download the file on this page, then open the download folder and click on the installed file twice, after the browser is fully loaded, it will be ready to use.

In 2006, Oregon made a circle on the field in the form of the Firefox browser emblem and if you entered the coordinates, you could see the logo on Google maps. Now the logo is no longer on the field, but it was an interesting idea.