The abundance of advertising on the Internet is very annoying and distracting to users. One look at one type of product or service and the Internet will obsessively show these pictures for a long time. This is why ad-blocking browsers have become so popular. The Brave browser offered its own way of reconciling advertisers and users of the World Wide Web. In this browser, each user can independently disable pop-up banner ads. You can download the official version of the browser Brave for iOS for free if you use the link on this page.

The browser is compatible with iOS platform version 12.0 and above, synchronizes with services and applications Google Chrome, as it is based on Chromium.

And if users want to view ads, they get rewarded in tokens for those actions. To get the reward, you need to enable this option in the browser settings. You can keep the tokens, give them to the creators of the browser or support your favorite videos on YouTube or Twitter. 

Options and Features

  • built-in AdBlock protection;
  • traffic optimization features;
  • privacy protection;
  • the browser is easy to install plugins from the Google store;
  • bookmark menu;
  • private window opening;
  • support for YouTube and Twitter channels;
  • Russian and English language;
  • block third-party cookies;
  • low resource consumption and fast tab opening.

How to install Brave for iOS

Download Brave browser for iOS in a few steps: download the download file from this page, open the file and install the browser. After full installation, you can start using the browser to access the internet.


The Brave Browser guarantees the user a comfortable stay in the Internet space and protection of personal data.