Every person in one way or another is constantly confronted with various foreign-language information. We see quotes in foreign languages, expressions, hear some phrases. And often we want to understand what we see or hear. Special translation programs have been created to solve this problem. There are a great many different software products of this type on the Internet, but Google Translate is recognized as one of the best. This utility is popular among users due to its ease of use and its pleasant and intuitive interface. Download the official version of Google Translate for iOS for free from our website and make sure the utility is professional.


The presented software product is intended for use on smartphones and tablets running the iOS operating system.

About the program

Google Translate is a high-quality professional application for working with content and information in a foreign language. The program is endowed with an impressive number of functions and features, which can be found below:

  • Direct and reverse translation into 108 languages. Whatever language you want to translate this or that information from, be sure that this language is present in this utility.
  • Instant translation. The application will not keep you waiting long and will translate the text in the blink of an eye as soon as you enter it.
  • Offline mode. If you need to work with the Internet connection turned off, then this function will be extremely useful. By downloading the language packs, you can use the program without internet access.
  • Use the camera to translate the text that surrounds you. Just point your smartphone camera at a phrase and Google Translate will instantly show you its translation. You can also upload a ready-made photo from the gallery to the program.
  • Voice input. This option is available for 8 languages, including Russian, English, and French. Using this option, you will save your time and optimize your work with the application.
  • Synchronization. You can log in to your Google Account from any device to sync your translation history and bookmarks.


No matter how often you encounter information in foreign languages, a text translation app will not be superfluous on your phone. You should always have a tool at hand that will help you understand foreign content. Download Google Translate for free on your smartphone or tablet.