In the competition of iOS-compatible cloud storage, Yandex.Disk stands out as a versatile and convenient option. In this article, we will talk about Yandex.Disk for iOS, supported iOS versions and unique features.

Key features for iOS

  1. Cross-platform synchronization: Provides a smooth and unified experience across platforms. Whether you access your files from an iOS device, Android device, or desktop computer, Yandex.Disk provides data synchronization.
  2. Camera Photo Upload: The app allows you to automatically backup photos and videos from your iOS device's camera list. Your memories will be safely stored in the cloud without manual intervention.
  3. Preview and edit documents: Yandex.Disk for iOS supports seamless previewing and even basic editing of documents right in the app. This feature increases productivity by allowing users to make quick edits on the go.
  4. Autonomous Access: Like its Android counterpart, Yandex.Disk for iOS supports offline access. Users can mark files for offline use, allowing access to important documents even without an Internet connection.
  5. File sharing with permissions: Simple and secure file sharing. Users can share files and folders with specific permissions, controlling who can view or edit shared content.

Support for iOS versions

Yandex.Disk for iOS is designed for a wide range of Apple users. It is compatible with iOS versions from iOS 10 and up, ensuring compatibility with most iOS devices.


Yandex.Disk for iOS is not just a storage solution, it is a comprehensive platform for managing digital content. With features such as cross-platform synchronization, camera uploads, and document editing, Yandex.Disk provides efficiency and accessibility. Experience the seamless integration of Yandex.Disk with your iOS device, where your files are not just stored, but easily accessible, shareable and secure in the cloud.