In a strategic move, Yandex 360, a tech powerhouse known for its innovation, recently launched a specialized tariff exclusively for photographers. In this blog, we detail the new offering, its potential impact on the photography community and how Yandex is carving out a niche for itself in the creative sector.

Yandex 360, already known for a wide range of services, has decided to open up the field of photography with a specially designed tariff. This subscription promises unique features and benefits created specifically for photographers, which shows a deep understanding of the needs of this creative community.

A breakdown of specialized capabilities

  1. Extended storage capacity: Photographers often face storage problems due to the high resolution of their work. The new Yandex 360 tariff promises an expanded storage capacity, allowing photographers to archive their extensive portfolios without compromising on storage space.
  2. Free photo sharing: Jandex 360 recognizes the collaborative nature of photography. The new tariff is expected to include features that promote seamless photo sharing, fostering a vibrant community of photographers who can easily share and showcase their work.
  3. Artificial Intelligence-Driven Organization: Utilizing Yandex's advances in artificial intelligence, Tariff is expected to provide advanced organizational tools. From intelligent tagging to automatic categorization, photographers can expect a more streamlined approach to managing their vast collections.

Competitive prices and availability

Yandex is historically known for its user-friendly approach, and the new tariff is expected to continue that trend. The pricing structure is likely to be competitive, making it affordable for a wide range of photographers, from amateurs to professionals.

Impact on the photography community

Empowering aspiring photographers

The availability of a specialized tariff from a tech giant like Yandex can empower aspiring photographers with tools and resources that were previously only available to established professionals.

Promoting cooperation

With features that foster collaboration, Yandex 360 can create a hub for photographers to collaborate, share experiences, and collectively contribute to the community.


Yandex 360's decision to introduce a specialized tariff for photographers is not just a business move, but a nod to the vibrant and diverse world of photography. As the tech giant enters the creative industries, photographers are eager to see how this move will change their workflows and elevate their craft. The launch of this specialized tariff underscores Yandex's commitment to innovation and catering to the unique needs of different user communities. Stay tuned: Yandex 360 ushers in a new era in photography.