VLC is a well-known and easy-to-manage player with which you can view even outdated file formats. VLC allows you to launch, convert and sync videos. You can download the official version of VLC for iOS for free using the links on our page.

VLC Features

  • lock screen during video viewing;
  • memorizing the place where the previous viewing ended;
  • adjusting the video speed;
  • connecting subtitles;
  • audio player mode;
  • repeat the selected segment;
  • output of a small window.

Download Instructions

To download VLC, you need to download the file that is on this page. Then open it and wait for the final download. After the software installation is completed, you can start working.

Screen video recording

To broadcast the screen, you need to launch the "Media" function. The tab has a lot of settings related to the extension and screen resolution. All these options are available in the settings dialog box. The user can adjust the sound, saturation and brightness. The main thing is not to forget to save the changes made.


VLC is a well-known media player. The software is easy to use and convenient to view video and audio files.