Dota Underlords app is a free game on the Dota universe, in this game you will have to apply strategy and planning skills. The player will need to pump his characters to a high level, properly use their capabilities, buy the right artifacts and in the end correctly place them on the battlefield. The battle itself is in automatic mode and the result of the fight depends on how correctly were used characters and their location on the battlefield. Download the official version of the game Dota Underlords free on this page.

The game runs on iOS platform version 11.0 and above.

Dota Underlords has been positively evaluated by users and has gained many fans. Gamers appreciated the idea of thought-out strategy. The game presents a large number of characters, with a large set of skills and abilities.

The application features an offline mode. In this mode, you can train the player and his team in combat.

In the game Dota Underlords present

  • heroes and their skills and abilities;
  • lords that lead your team to victory;
  • game synchronization with other platforms;
  • ranked player selection;
  • nice graphics.

How to install the game Dota Underlords

To install Dota Underlords on your mobile device, click on the download link on this page. After downloading, open the file and install the application. When installation is complete, a shortcut will appear on your desktop. The installation is complete. Complete the registration and start the game.