Dota Underlords is a new chess strategy game from the company Valve. In the game the main characters, form their own team and fight with the enemy using their own pumped skills. Follow this link and download the free official version of Dota Underlords for Android.

In the game Dota Underlords the emphasis is on the development of strategy. The user must choose the right team, combine the skills of the characters, their skills, as well as tactically correct placement them on the battlefield. Fighting takes place in automatic mode, so the stage of preparation before the battle is the most important. After winning the battle, the player gets the reward for which he can buy new heroes. 

Dota Underlords application is a cross-platform game, which means you can switch to another device and continue the game there.

The program is suitable for Android version 5.0. and above. The size of the game is 55.17 MB.

Options Dota Underlords game for Android

  • automatic battles, the main thing in the game is preparation;
  • development of heroes;
  • step by step seizure of urban territory;
  • several modes;
  • ranking selection of games.

How to install Dota Underlords for Android

To download Dota Underlords, follow the link on this page, then open the downloaded file, run the installation. After a complete installation of the program on the screen of your mobile device will appear program icon, open it, register and start the game.