Tachyon VPN is a reliable helper when you need to visit websites that for some reason are closed in the user's country of residence. The service hides confidential information and true location thanks to the absence of central servers. This unique data encryption system sets Tachyon VPN apart from the line of similar services. Use the link on this page and download the official version of the Tachyon VPN service for Android for free.

The service does not have central servers where all the information is collected, but uses users' computers, sending through them a part of the information, which at the end of the way is reconnected to the initial volume. This method of transmission, makes it impossible to steal information. As it passes through the PC, the information is masked under other protocols, thereby fooling programs that can steal personal information.

Tachyon VPN is suitable for download on the Android platform, version 4.4 and above.

Options and features of Tachyon VPN for Android

  • about blocking bypass for websites;
  • robust privacy protection;
  • intuitive use of the application;
  • cheating third-party apps when transferring files;
  • complete anonymity of the user;
  • large number of servers;
  • works faster than similar services.

How to download Tachyon VPN service for Android

Download the installation file on this page, then unzip it and follow the instructions to install the application, after the installation is finished, the service shortcut will appear on your device's desktop screen. Open the application and start surfing the internet.


VPN connection allows you to visit closed sites, creates protection for the user and hides his true location. But, users should keep in mind that some sites may pose a threat to mobile device software. Therefore, traveling in a boundless sea of information, you should not forget about safety and not visit potentially dangerous pages.