In the modern world, phones are designed not only for calls, but also for many other actions. A person can take photos and edit them, shoot videos, watch movies, read books and much more. For the convenience of using a smartphone, a certain amount of memory is built into it. But it usually tends to end. To solve this problem, cloud storage is being created, where users can easily send their files and documents to free up space on the phone or tablet. Google Drive is a data storage service that will help you not only free up space on the device, but also optimize your work with documents in the cloud. Download the official version of Google Drive for Android for free from our website.


The application does not require special conditions to start and work correctly. All you need is a phone or tablet based on Android 5.0 and higher.

Program functionality

The utility is easy to use and intuitive. It does not overload the phone, does not slow down, and does not overheat it. The application also has an impressive number of functions and features:

  • Adding and storing documents of absolutely any formats and sizes. These can be both photos and videos, as well as text documents and tables. You can easily view and use the information uploaded to the cloud from another device.
  • Google Drive provides users of Android devices with the opportunity to work with programs such as Word, Excel, and others online and, if desired, together with other users of the service.
  • Create thematic folders and subfolders to optimize file storage in the cloud. The program also has a function for sorting and searching documents.
  • Configure access to content, open or close it. There are several open access modes: with and without editing. You can allow one person or several people to view and edit your files.
  • An important feature of the utility is the ability to view and edit the content of the disk in offline mode.
  • Scan the necessary documents using your mobile phone camera and easily send them to Google Drive.
  • The utility is easy to use and has an intuitive and pleasant interface. In the settings, you can choose the language of the application, and you can also change the theme.


Google Drive cloud storage will become your indispensable assistant when working on a smartphone. The utility will not only free up space on the phone, but also provide a considerable number of functions and opportunities for working with photos, videos, documents. Install the program for free on your smartphone from our website.