VidMate is a program designed to help users download media content from Internet sites to their devices. Despite the fact that at the moment anyone can watch anything on the Internet, we still need the function of downloading content and viewing it offline. For example, someone wants to watch a movie on the road where there is no Internet, someone wants to listen to music in the absence of a network. Everyone has different reasons, but everyone has one thing in common – the need to download videos and music from the Internet to a smartphone or tablet. VidMate fulfills any user's wishes from simply downloading videos from YouTube to extracting audio from videos and downloading only audio tracks. Download the official version of VidMate for Android for free from our website.


The presented software product is suitable for working on smartphones and tablets running the Android 4.0 operating system and newer versions.

Features of the VidMate app for Android

  • Providing users with the ability to receive any media content from the Internet to their device. The utility is similar to a browser in which you can open links and download it instead of watching a video. The application is able to download information from almost every website hosted on the Internet.
  • Downloading audio tracks separately from videos. If you are interested in a certain sound or song, but it is presented in the form of a video, do not despair, because VidMate is able to extract audio and download only the audio track.
  • Downloading multiple files at a time. The program provides a useful feature for downloading multiple files simultaneously. This saves the user time and optimizes his work. Moreover, downloads take place in the background and do not distract you from your business.
  • The utility provides access to a variety of popular sites with videos, movies and music. You can go to anyone, choose what you like and download it to your smartphone or tablet. In case you don't find anything to your liking, you can copy the link to the content from any other browser and paste it into the search bar of this one. So, the program will try to do everything possible so that you still get what you want.
  • By repeatedly reconnecting to the node, the program increases the speed of the Internet connection at times, which allows it to download content faster.
  • This multifunctional utility is quite easy to use and has a pleasant and intuitive interface. Along with this, the application presents a considerable number of settings so that the user optimizes the process of downloading content from the Internet to the maximum.


We use the Internet all the time: we read, watch, listen to something. However, there are times when we need to have this or that file in offline access. But we can't always get it from any site we want. In this case, VidMate comes to the rescue, which is able to download any media content from any website on the Internet without unnecessary problems and problems.