Jira is an application developed by the Australian company Atlassian. Basically, Jira is used to account for bugs that will be detected by an Android based mobile application. The service's control panel offers users a large number of functions and features that make it easy to collect and organize all detected problems. In order to download the free official version of Jira for Android, you just need to click on the link that is offered by our website.

Jira runs on a device with Android OS version 7.0 and higher.

Application's functionality

  • The system consists of several components: workflow, task types, user workspaces, windows, workspace settings, notifications, solutions.
  • Tasks have several types: workflow, windows, workspaces, task properties.
  • Components are subsections of the project, which include: name, description, department/team leader, assigned as responsible by default.
  • Window (screen) is an area for organizing various workspaces where the following task will be performed: schema tasks-associate the implementation of the task with the screen and add the window that will meet the requirements.
  • Task properties have a couple of properties: solution, status, priority.
  • The task protection scheme is a function that controls access to the tasks themselves.
  • Task creation is when a group of users is working on a single project and performs one or more functions.
  • Reports are necessary to track progress in the project, which can be viewed by the task combustion diagram, where the amount of work will be displayed according to the planned or completed plan.

Download Jira for Android

In order for the installation to be successful, you need to follow the Google Play`s link and wait for the icon to appear on the screen of your mobile device. After the application icon appears, click on it and follow the instructions. Check the box next to the license agreement and click next. Upon completion of these actions, the program will start automatically and you can start developing the project.


Jira app for Android help you to be able to create, update, edit, plan and perform many other actions while working on a project, both as a team and in person. Jira has built-in accelerated tools for teamwork.