Plus Messenger is a messenger that was created to communicate on the global network. Users can exchange data in various formats, communicate via calls, use stickers and create channels. You can download Plus Messenger for free from the official version for Android using the links on our page.

Software's options

Users can customize the interface themselves, for example, change the text, titles and text size. In addition to themes created by developers, you can design your own. Video compression will occur automatically, but it is also possible to configure compression settings. The number of participants in the communities is not limited. Group administrators are displayed in the profile. 

Also available:

  • sending messages to one contact or mass mailing;
  • international calls;
  • blocking unwanted contacts;
  • quick account registration and linking to a phone number;
  • search by correspondence.


To install Plus Messenger for free on your phone or tablet, you need to use the links to go to our website. Then download the file and run the software. After installation, you will only need to register in the utility, and then fully use the resources offered.

Using Plus Messenger

Before you start using the application, you need to register. The user will be asked to enter some personal data: phone number, full name, year of birth. Next, you will need to come up with a password to log in to the social network. Personal information will be encrypted. There are eight sections in the software, moreover, a set of tools can be changed at the control point. The side menu can be accessed using the semicircle on the right side of the screen. With it, you can quickly go to the desired chat or community. You can create a chat or a group using the "+" icon. If the user is a group administrator, then the nickname and picture will be displayed in the community profile. You can also make both audio and video calls. Chats, bots, communities and channels can be easily sorted using the side menu.


Plus Messenger is a messenger with a clear interface and free use. The program is suitable for users who like to chat online and meet new people.