Winamp is a media player that every user has encountered at least once in his life. In addition, if users bought their first computer at the turn of the 90s and 2000s, they should know about it, in those days it was the only player for music. It had interesting visual effects, you could adjust the bass and other music settings, and you could create your own playlist and the order in which the files were played. Since then, the player has added updates and expanded functionality. The first version for the Android platform was released in 2010. The program supports the Russian language. Follow this link and download the free official version of Winamp for Android.

The player can be synchronized with a PC using Wi-fi connection or using a USB cable.

The program is suitable for Android version 2.1. and above.

Winamp features

  • wireless and wired synchronization with PC;
  • Import of playlists and iTunes libraries;
  • more than 45 thousand stations;
  • wallpaper list;
  • artist overview;
  • lock screen;
  • supports 14 languages;
  • headset control;
  • paid add-ons.

To download Winamp for Android go to the link on this page, then open the downloaded file, run the installation, after a complete installation of the program on the mobile device will appear program icon, open it and run the program in working mode.