Every smartphone or tablet user needs to install a browser on the device to work on the Internet. Using a browser on a smartphone, you can easily view information on the web, communicate with family and friends, conduct social networks and much more. However, choosing a browser to work with is far from an easy task, which requires a thorough analysis of various representatives of this niche, their comparison and search for the best option, the most suitable. Vivaldi is a bright representative of the utilities of the presented segment. The browser not only provides users with a basic set of functions and options, but also a considerable number of additional features. Download the official version of Vivaldi for Android for free from our website.


The presented software product is designed to work on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system version 5.0 and newer.

Basic Functions

The easy and intuitive Vivaldi Internet browser has a considerable number of advantages:

  • Ad blocking and its absence. The developers of the program have made sure that nothing distracts the user from working in the browser, and that nothing interferes with him. Intrusive advertising is an important problem of the 21st century, and Vivaldi has found a way to solve it with maximum efficiency.
  • Screenshot. The application allows the user to seamlessly take a screenshot in two formats: the entire screen completely or only the visible space of the page.
  • Customizable express panel. Everyone can customize the panel for themselves, add the necessary tabs there, arrange them according to the degree of importance.
  • Working with notes: create, add and delete bookmarks in the browser.
  • The ability to view recently closed tabs and restore them.
  • The presence of a considerable number of search services and the ability to switch between them quickly and easily. You can seamlessly switch from one search engine to another at any convenient time.
  • Users can create clones of tabs open in the browser, make copies of them for various purposes.
  • High-quality and secure data synchronization. Users can synchronize data in the browser with their other device without worrying about the safety of their data.


There are a considerable number of mobile browsers with which users can safely visit the Internet space, work with it and get the maximum benefit and pleasure from work. With Vivaldi, you optimize your work with the network, look at it from a different angle, from a different side. Download the free app on your smartphone or tablet and see for yourself the professionalism of the program, its usefulness and quality.