TV Time is a high-quality TV application for working with video capture cards. Data from the card is processed and output to a monitor or projector. The popular application supports the Android operating system. You can download TV Time for free the official version for Android on our page.

Utility features

The application is similar in general qualities to a kind of social network for fans of TV series. Here you can discuss in the comments certain events that occurred in an episode of a TV series, evaluate both the series separately and your favorite series as a whole. There is an opportunity to review a project you like or subscribe to a well-known expert in this matter.

In addition, TV Time independently compiles ratings and compiles selections by genre or user preferences. In case of loss of the device, all information is stored in the cloud service and will automatically get to the new phone after confirmation of account ownership. 

The software requires an administrator key. In other words, authorization is needed. The application will ask you to enter your username, password or register using your phone.

The latest version has such basic features as: security and privacy, synchronization, application catalog, high speed, control settings, localization, on-screen controls, key mapping, virtualization technology and high performance.

Downloading the utility

To download the software for free to your phone or tablet, you need to perform the following algorithm:

  1. follow the link to the page intended for installation;
  2. familiarize yourself with the functions and supported devices;
  3. find and click on the "Download here" button;
  4. wait for the download to finish.

Pay attention! Before installation, you should check the device memory and the confirmed installation permission so that there are no problems with downloading the installation file.


The popular TV Time program is developing to this day. Developers introduce new features, change the design, create new resources, but the program still remains free, for which we should pay tribute.