Foreign languages have tightly integrated into our lives, surrounding us from all sides: at school, at work, at home. We are constantly confronted with foreign content, and it would be nice to be able to understand what it means. In order to be able to interact with information in a foreign language, developers have created special programs called translators. Google Translate is a prominent representative of this kind of programs. The light and intuitive application will help you to work with files and documents in foreign languages. Download the official version of Google Translate for Android for free from our website.


The presented mobile software product is designed to work on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system.

About the program

The utility is a kind of artificial intelligence, which contains a lot of libraries and dictionaries for the implementation of competent and professional translation of information from one language to another. Familiarize yourself with the main functions and features of the program in order to have a more complete and correct understanding of it:

  • Large selection of languages. The application provides the ability to use 108 languages to work with them.
  • The translation is done quickly and professionally, so you have no reason to worry about incorrect translation.
  • Work offline. Download the language packs you need and work in Google Translate even without an internet connection.
  • Camera translation. Use the camera of your smartphone to quickly translate the text that you see around you. You can either take a photo or just point the camera at the image.
  • Dialog mode. If you are lucky enough to meet a foreigner and you need to talk to him, then this function will do you a good service. Fast real-time translation is supported in 70 languages.
  • Handwriting input. If you don't have the ability to type the text, then you can write it by hand without any problems.
  • History and bookmarks. The utility saves your translation history and allows you to bookmark the desired phrases.
  • Voice input is available in 8 languages. This feature will speed up and optimize your work with content.


If you were looking for a high-quality and professional application for working with foreign language information, then Google Translate is what you need. Install this free app on your smartphone or tablet and take advantage of all its functions and features.