Tor Browser is one of the well-known secure browsers, adapted to work on a mobile device. Browser is also called onion, because of the peculiarity of data encryption to ensure anonymity of its users. All information is encrypted and sent to random servers located around the world, each such server, called a node, removes one layer of encryption and sends the information to the next node. In this way, user information is hidden from prying eyes who want to take advantage of other people's secrets. Follow the link on this page and download the free official version of Tor Browser for Android.

Using Tor Browser automatically clears cookies after you visit web pages, so that third-party malware or advertisers cannot use this information to steal data or show intrusive ads.

The browser is compatible with Android platform version 5.0 and later.

Options and features of Tor Browser for Android

  • automatic removal of information about visiting sites;
  • anonymous browsing;
  • location cannot be tracked;
  • darknet browsing is available;
  • opening multiple tabs at once;
  • no obtrusive ads;
  • new servers are being added all the time;
  • blocking bypass for some sites;
  • you can use the browser for an unlimited time.

How to install Tor for Android

Download the installation file on this page, then unzip it and wait for the program to be fully installed. After installing the application, go to the browser and click Open, then Connect, the initial download will begin. Once it's done, you can start surfing the web.


Tor Browser has three levels of security, the default is the default setting, which you can change yourself in the browser settings.