In every country there are sites that are blocked for visiting. Bypassing such a blockage will help the Tor browser (The Onion Router), which is a key technology, and was developed by an American research laboratory together with a defense agency. The browser was intended to help people from countries where there are strict controls on Internet access. Now Tor browser is used by users around the world to protect their privacy on the web. Download the free official version of Tor Browser for iOS on this page.

Tor Browser is slower than usual browsers. This is because the encrypted information passes through several servers, each server removes one layer of encryption and sends the data to another server. This is the uniqueness of the onion browser. This browser should not be used for normal web surfing, only for those sites that are blocked in the user's country.

The browser is compatible with iOS platform version 11.0 and above.

Options and features of Tor Browser for iOS

  • deletes information about visiting sites;
  • is based on the FireFox browser;
  • hides IP address and location;
  • DuckDuckGo search engine;
  • no intrusive ads;
  • bypasses site blocking;
  • works with a flash drive.

How to install Tor Browser for iOS

Follow the link on this page and download the download file, then open it and run the installation of the program. Once the installation is complete and a browser shortcut appears on your desktop, the browser is ready to go.


There is a whole network of hidden sites that don't show up when you log onto the Internet as standard. These can be sites with forbidden information, gaming, propaganda-related and others. Such sites are called Darknet. When visiting the darknet Internet, you should be aware of the risks and provide increased protection of personal information. In the Tor Browser settings is the standard protection, it can be changed manually to a stronger one.