Modernity is such that a person can no longer imagine life without a smartphone. And, accordingly, without communication and information exchange with other people. In such circumstances, it is important to choose an easy and reliable mail client. A striking representative of such programs is Blue Mail (developed by Blix Inc). The program is a unique service not only for exchanging letters but also for planning your daily routine. Download the official version of Blue Mail for Android free on our website.

The presented software product functions and 100 percent performs its work on smartphones and tablets running Android operating system version 4.0 and newer.

Program options and features 

Blue Mail is endowed with dozens of useful features and options. Of the advantages of the program should be highlighted:

  • connects directly to popular mail servers (Office365, Outlook, Gmail, iCloud and others);
  • support for group emails and smart notifications;
  • calendar is provided;
  • flexible setting of synchronization hours;
  • support for all known operation protocols;
  • configuration of the account according to user preferences (sounds, screen, notifications, and so on);
  • dark theme is provided;
  • flexibility of settings and menu personalization;
  • android Wear support (smart mail on the user's watch);
  • visualization and sorting of unread and worked emails;
  • use of reliable and up-to-date encryption protocols;
  • screen lock mode to protect confidential information.

Download BlueMail for Android

To install the program on your smartphone or tablet, follow the Google Play link from our website. Download BlueMail to your Android device. After installing the application, the software icon will appear on your desktop screen. Open it and follow the necessary requirements of the program. Run it after installation and use it.


With Blue Mail, everyone can use a fast and secure mail service with a concise and clear interface. Install the official version of Blue Mail for Android on your smartphone or tablet for free from our website and make sure of the quality and ease of electronic communication.