Users of smartphones and tablets often face the problem of insufficient internal memory on the device. The memory is running out due to the installation of applications and games, a considerable number of photos and videos, as well as other files. To solve this problem, the developers have created programs for storing files in virtual space. You can upload content to the cloud to free up memory on the device. Users can also sync files and documents between cloud storage and a smartphone. Download the official version of MEGAsync for Android for free from our website.


The application is designed for devices based on the Android OS. for the utility to work correctly, the version of your Android device must be 5.0 or later.

Basic Functions

The presented software product gives users a considerable number of options and opportunities for working with files in the cloud. Advantages of the utility:

  • A large amount of free virtual space. Users get 50 GB in the cloud to upload content, photos, videos, etc. there. This is a serious factor for users of smartphones and tablets since this amount of additional memory will last for a long time. It is no longer necessary to delete old photos and applications to make or download new ones. Upload everything to the cloud storage and free up space on your smartphone without losing the necessary files.
  • MEGAsync protects files and documents one hundred percent. Be sure that your information will not be stolen and transferred to third parties at the time of synchronization or uploading it to the cloud. Multi-level data encryption works in such a way that it is almost impossible to steal content from the storage. In any case, even if a leak occurs, hackers will not be able to decrypt the received data, since they will be protected by a special code.
  • The program is easy and intuitive, does not load the system of a smartphone or tablet, does not interfere with work, and does not slow down the device.
  • View and edit files and documents in the cloud from any device on which you have access to cloud storage.


Programs for storing data on the Internet have become very popular among smartphone users. Who will refuse a few additional free GB of free space? MEGAsync provides you with 50 GB of free space and many useful options and features for the convenience of using your smartphone and optimizing document storage.