ShareMe PC is a popular file sharing software. Simple use and convenient functionality allowed to gain high popularity among contemporaries a year after the first release. To this day, developers are working on new versions with improved features. The program is not only free, but also supports many devices. To download ShareMe PC for free for Android official version, you need to follow the links that can be taken on our page.

The main functions and capabilities of the program

Before you install the program for free on your phone or tablet, you should familiarize yourself with the built-in features.

The latest version of ShareMe has:

  • Security and privacy. Personal data is encrypted and visible only to the user.
  • Notifications. Automatic notifications. You can enable the function in the settings.
  • Built-in hints. The ability to find the answer to the question of interest.
  • Traffic protection. Traffic scanning and statistics.
  • Transfer large files. The amount of data can reach 100 terabytes.
  • Auto-updates. The program itself will be updated. The user does not need to do this manually.
  • High speed. Fast execution of commands.

To download ShareMe Pc for android for free, you need to follow the link to the page to install the program. Here's how to get to the features. You should also review the terms of use and clarify the supported devices. After that, find and click on the built-in "Download here" panel. You will have to wait for the installation of the file to complete.

Importantly! Before downloading, check the device's memory and permission to install the application.

Installation after downloading the program

After the file is downloaded, you can proceed to the first run. Using the free app looks like this:

  1. first you need to run the program and read the short facts;
  2. optionally, you can change the settings and configure auto-update or notifications;
  3. select the data to exchange information;
  4. transfer via QR code or IP address;
  5. QR code needs to be scanned;
  6. enter the IP address in the built-in panel on the partner device;
  7. confirm the transfer of data.

Note! In the latest version, there is a "QR code" scanner, with which you can quickly conjuge devices than through IP.


Thus, you can easily install and use the free ShareMe PC program.