Despite the fact that in modern realities, all information, movies, applications are publicly available on the Internet, users need the option to download content to their device. Some people want to watch movies at a convenient time without Internet access, others want to install an application on their phone, etc. To perform the operation of downloading files from the network, the developers have created special programs for downloading torrents. uTorrent is a software product that will help you get any information on your smartphone. Download the official version of uTorrent for Android for free from our website.

The presented utility is designed to run and function on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system version 5.0 and later.

Advantages of uTorrent

The presented software product is a free torrent client, which also has a pleasant and intuitive interface and a large number of useful options.

  • Downloading without problems. Download files and applications of any extension and any size. The program supports downloading a large number of formats and does not put restrictions on the download size.
  • Upload multiple documents simultaneously or alternately. The utility provides the ability to simultaneously download several torrents, as well as the ability to set a download queue. Moreover, you can easily set the download on a timer for any day and time. You can perform the same operation with already downloaded torrents by setting the start and end time of their distribution.
  • View the content during the download process. There is no need to wait for the movie or TV series to load completely. Start watching it a few minutes after the download starts.
  • Configure the file download speed so that the utility does not consume an excessive amount of traffic and does not interfere with the work of other Internet applications.
  • View full information about torrents and the file download process. Check how much traffic was spent during the download and many other equally important details.

uTorrent will become your faithful assistant when downloading files from the network to your smartphone or tablet. The utility offers users not only the basic functions of the torrent client, but also many other useful options. Download uTorrent to your smartphone or tablet for free from our website.