Free file management software takes one of the main roles in file management. Developers of different times and countries have created many applications for such actions, but one of the best choices is Asus Share Link. The popular app is versatile due to the number of supported devices and built-in features. To download Asus Share Link free for Android official version, you can follow the link on our page.

Useful functionality

Before installing applications, each user thinks about the functions of the installation file, because not only fast work, but also comfortable use is important.

Basically, built-in features are important for users, because everyone wants to work comfortably with a particular application. Encrypted personal data is an excellent indicator of the security and privacy of the program. Hardware settings are always ready to make changes. In other words, the user can disable a particular function at any time. Connection of devices directly occurs during the use of the program. File management will be easy, because pointers and technical assistance will always come to the rescue.

Based on all of the above, the software deserves attention from users. 

Installation Instructions

To easily install the program on your phone or tablet, you should perform the following actions:

  1. follow the installation link;
  2. read about features and capabilities;
  3. learn about supported devices;
  4. find the built-in "Download" panel;
  5. click on the button to install.


The first step is to move on to syncing your devices. Also an important condition is to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, on one device, you need to click "Send" and drag the necessary documents into the window. After that, you will have to click on the "Send" button for the last time. On another device, click on the built-in "Get File" panel. After one device detects a partner, you need to click on the icon to start the transfer.

Optionally, you can enable notifications and configure auto-update.


So, after getting acquainted with the successful and useful functionality of the application, we can conclude that Asus Share Link. is universal. The software can not only be easily installed on Android, but also in a matter of moments to learn how to use the content.