Ternoshare iCareFone is a free data optimization tool. The "backup" function is built into the software. Files can be viewed using four panels. To download Ternoshare iCareFone for free for Android official version, you can follow the link that is on our page.

Useful functionality

One of the convenient functions is to view files during download, that is, the user can get acquainted with the content even before installation. The application allows you to clear the cache, delete data and transfer files. 

Installing of the program

To easily install the program on your phone or tablet, follow these steps:

  1. follow the link to install;
  2. read about the functions and features;
  3. find out about supported devices;
  4. find the built-in "Download" panel;
  5. click on the button to install.


So, the program interface is divided into tabs. The main screen contains the main functions. The user can view content, select items, export, transfer and delete from categories. The user has the opportunity to create backups. The program creates a full backup of the device. The file view panel is divided into four items. The first one is intended for the full name of the data. Another point is the installation volume. The third is the file size, and the last is the version. You can also clear the cache and delete applications using Ternoshare iCareFone. After performing the operation, the program will open a dialog box in which the amount of cleared data will be shown. The user can configure notifications and enable automatic updates.


So, having familiarized with the successful and useful functionality of the application, we can conclude that Ternoshare iCareFone is a universal file manager. The software can not only be easily installed on android, but also learn how to use the content in a matter of seconds.