Have you ever encountered problems and difficulties while trying to transfer files or documents from one device to another? If you have a smartphone or tablet, then in 90% of cases the answer will be positive. And even if there have never been any visible problems, you can still recall cases of low data transfer rates, failures, or the inability to transfer files of certain formats. To solve these problems was created a special program called Zapya. The application will help you optimize the process of transferring files between devices and make it more enjoyable. Download the official version of Zapya for Android for free from our website.

The presented software product works on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system version 5.0 and higher.

Users speak positively about this application due to its versatility and professionalism.

Advantages of the Zapya program

  • No restrictions. The application provides you with the ability to transfer files of various formats and sizes. You can send games, apps, music, movies, etc. to another device. Also, the file size can be absolutely anything, both the smallest and very large.
  • Create user groups and add family or friends there in order to share files with several people at once. This function will significantly save your time and nerves.
  • The application is light and intuitive. You can use it even if you are not a particularly confident gadget user.
  • The utility has been tested by the best antiviruses, and it is completely safe to use. Your device will not be affected by this program, as it does not interfere with the operation of the main system processes.
  • Set the language of the program that you need. The application provides a huge selection of languages to create the most favorable environment for you while working.
  • Create backups and save them to the connected device.
  • Copy files and applications from the connected smartphone to your own.
  • The application is provided free of charge, which is one of its key features.

If you, like many users of smartphones and tablets, are tired of problems with transferring files from one device to another, then Zapya will help you solve them. Many useful and professional features of the program speak for themselves. Forget about the need for the Internet, the same OS, and cables. Scan the QR code on another device and send photos, videos, and apps wirelessly.