TikTok is a fun platform with many exciting videos on various topics. Users can both view videos and create their own, using only their imagination and desire to share the acquired skills with others. Each user can use the link on this page and download the official version of the program TikTok for Android free.

The user creates personal content, posts it in a personal profile, and attracts an audience, increases views and collects likes. The application allows each user to try to become a blogger and make new friends of interest.

The program works on the Android platform, version 4.4 and above.

TikTok messenger features

  • endless stream of videos, tailored to the user's interests;
  • videos for any, even the most picky taste;
  • videos can be paused if you want;
  • be inspired by other people's examples and hobbies;
  • overlay music on your videos;
  • large catalog of filters and special effects;
  • video editing, trimming, gluing, and more;
  • privacy mode and correspondence with friends;
  • commenting, reposting, and rating other people's posts;
  • registration of a personal account.

How to download the TikTok app for Android

To download the program, use the link on this page, then open the installation file and wait until the program is fully installed on your mobile device and its shortcut appears on your desktop. You can then open the program and enjoy the interesting content.


The program TikTok for recording clips uses the front and main camera, this combined technique creates more interesting videos. The latest versions of the program have enhanced security and performance, as well as improved speed of uploading clips to the feed.