With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the process of working with text documents has changed for the better, has become more optimized and enjoyable. Users can easily scan the files they need, edit and send by mail. However, in order to implement all these actions, it is necessary that special software for working with PDF files is installed on the device. ABBYY FineReader is a prominent representative of this kind of programs. This product contains all the most necessary functions for interacting with text content. Download the official version of ABBYY FineReader for Android for free from our website and start using all its available features.


The developers have created this mobile application to install it on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system.

About the program

The presented software product is easy to use and equipped with a pleasant and intuitive interface. You can easily figure out this product, as it is intended not only for professionals, but also for ordinary users. ABBYY FineReader functions and features:

  • Scan files, documents, and photos to convert text to PDF content, which you can save on your device after processing or send to someone by mail or messenger.
  • Multilingual application. Work with text content in more than 180 languages, including the following languages: both Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Convenient export. Send files in messengers, save them on your device, send them to a printer for printing, upload them to the cloud, etc.
  • Change the file format by converting them from PDF to DOXC and many other common extensions.
  • Edit the added files using the built-in editor, which provides many opportunities to change the content.
  • Users can easily create e-books by uploading their information to the application. Also, as an additional function, the utility allows you to store the processed content in your memory for 14 days.
  • Check your files for literacy. The utility will scan the information and check it for grammatical and syntactic errors, which you can later fix without any problems.


By downloading ABBYY FineReader to your device, you will not only optimize your work with text content, but also make it faster and more enjoyable.