PDF has become one of the most popular text file formats. This format is extremely convenient for work and use. You can easily scan documents and convert them into PDF files, edit them and share them with other users. To perform these tasks, you need to have a special application on your computer or laptop to interact with PDF content. The professional in this segment is the ABBYY FineReader software product, which processes text files and provides the ability to modify and save them. Download the official version of ABBYY FineReader for Linux for free from our website and make sure of the quality and professionalism of the program.


The developers have made sure that users can download and install the presented software product on computers and laptops running the Linux operating system.

About the program

The professional and high-quality ABBYY FineReader utility is endowed with an impressive number of functions and capabilities for working with text content in PDF format:

  • The utility recognizes text from images and scans of documents, translates it into a PDF document and provides the ability to edit it;
  • Convert PDF content to files and documents with the DOCX extension and many others;
  • The program has a built-in style editor that allows you to change the uploaded information, edit it and make it the way you need;
  • As a bonus, create e-books, store content in the device's memory for up to 14 days, upload information to the cloud or send it to other users over the Internet;
  • The application supports working with texts in more than 40 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. At the same time, the quality of its formatting does not depend on the language of the text document;
  • If you are not sure of the correctness of what you have written, you can use the built-in error search and correction function in the program. The utility will find all grammatical and lexical inaccuracies in the text and give you the opportunity to correct them.


There is no longer a need to use a desktop scanner and various sites on the Internet to work with PDF files. Now you can simply install the presented software product and optimize your work with text, making it more enjoyable.