The LibreOffice package is gaining in popularity because it is completely free, suitable for most platforms. Download the free official LibreOffice for Linux from the link on this page.

LibreOffice is a suite of programs for working with text and spreadsheet files, for creating and viewing presentations, for editing formulas and for working with vector graphics. This is a complete package of programs for working in offices with documents of varying degrees of complexity.

In addition to programs, the application has a handy console for presentations, imports files into PDF format, works with SVG-graphics, generates and saves reports, and much more.

It is compatible with the Linux platform.

Features of the LibreOffice software package

  • working with tables and text;
  • viewing and creation of presentations;
  • formula handling;
  • graphic editor;
  • database creation;
  • PDF conversion;
  • support 30 languages;
  • preparation of financial reports.

You can install LibreOffice on Linux in several ways: via the PPA repository, Snap-package, etc..

Installation via Flatpak


flatpak install flathub org.libreoffice.LibreOffice


flatpak run org.libreoffice.LibreOffice

Installation via Snap:

sudo snap install libreoffice

Installation in Ubuntu (LinuxMint):

sudo apt install libreoffice

Installation in ArchLinux (Manjaro):

sudo pacman -S libreoffice-still

Installation in Fedora:

sudo dnf install libreoffice

Installation in openSuse:

sudo zypper install libreoffice

Installation in Gentoo:

sudo emerge -a app-office/libreoffice