Inkscape is an application for working with vector graphics on computers and laptops. In this utility, you can easily create logos, images, animations, and even entire animated films. The utility is endowed with a large number of professional tools for convenient work with the material. It is also worth noting that this vector editor is distributed completely free of charge and is suitable for both beginners and professional artists. Download the official version of Inkscape for Linux for free using the links on our website.


If you use a computer or laptop based on the Linux operating system, then you will have no problems downloading and installing this utility.

Features and capabilities of Inkscape for Linux

  • The application is based on open-source code and is provided to users completely free of charge. The developers have made sure that users are satisfied with the work in the application. The utility works smoothly, quickly and without any bugs or errors. However, if the program crashes on your device, you can write to support to get help and solve the problem. Also, developers are always open to communication with users and are ready to listen to any suggestions for improving the program and optimizing its operation.
  • Availability of a huge number of professional tools for creating and editing vector images. The utility offers you a huge variety of functions and options that you can use to interact with your content. In terms of its functionality, Inkscape is in no way inferior to other popular applications in this segment. You can work with colors, highlighting, brush and many other tools necessary for every digital artist.
  • The program supports working with raster graphics. All you have to do is use the built-in converter to put a bitmap image into the program and make it vector for further editing.
  • The utility has its own project format, but also supports all popular vector image and animation formats.
  • In the presented vector editor, you can create logos for your projects. Do not doubt that they will turn out bright, clear, and memorable. This way you can attract a large audience to your project. Also, experienced users can use the application to create animations or even real animated videos and movies. But beginners will also have something to do in this program. Do not be afraid of its versatility, because in fact everything is much simpler than it seems.
  • The application contains a status bar with information about the selected object.
  • A convenient feature is the ability to create shapes and change them using a variety of tools, such as an airbrush, corrector, etc.


Inkscape will help you bring all your ideas to life. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and completely surrender to the process of creating vector images.