The developers of Maxthon cloud browser have adapted the program for Linux platform later than for the other known platforms. This version of the program is based on Chromium that is why the application looks like Chrome but with more advanced features. Download the free official version of Maxthon for Linux by following the link on this page.

Maxthon is installed on Linux platform version V1.0.0.1 and later. 

Browser does not overload the memory of your computer or mobile device, the engine Webkit and Javascript allow the program to work and open web pages faster than other browsers running on Linux. The application has a simple and familiar interface.

Maxthon browser features

  • support for Google Chrome store extensions;
  • cloud technology;
  • improved menu applications;
  • sync bookmarks and tabs via the cloud;
  • ad blocking with AdBlock Plus extension;
  • view multiple tabs at once;
  • customizable keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to control your browser;
  • plugin library.

How to install Maxthon for Linux

Download the file on this page to install Maxthon Browser on your device. When the file downloads, go to your Downloads folder and open the file, it will start downloading automatically, once the program is fully installed, open the browser and start using it.

Progress does not stand still, so the developers of Maxthon browser tried to make it as convenient as possible and easy to install on any platform.