Sometimes you want to take a familiar product and make it better. That is what the employees of the private Chinese company Maxthon International Limited did and created a light and comfortable browser Maxthon for work and navigation on the web. Each user can follow the link on this page and download the free official version of Maxthon.

It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Maxthon is a new browser with a set of useful tools for surfing the web. Employees of company Maxthon International Limited involved independent experts-programmers to create even more comfortable browser.

Maxthon browser features

  • integration with cloud storage;
  • powerful bookmarking system;
  • virtual mailbox;
  • ad blocking;
  • private browsing;
  • Internet Explorer plugin support;
  • Webkit and Trident engines;
  • night mode.

How to install Maxthon for

To install Maxthon Browser on your Windows PC or mobile device, save the file on this page. When you have finished saving the file, go to the "Downloads" folder and double-click on it, the automatic installation of the browser will begin. Once the application is fully installed, open it and start using it.

Progress does not stand still and developers are working on creating easier, faster, more convenient and more powerful products for users. Try Maxthon browser, see what it has to offer and what it has to offer, try its cloud storage and virtual e-mail. Discover a new level of surfing the Internet.