Developers do not always create products from scratch. Sometimes they improve what a couple of years ago was considered a top quality product. But as the years go by, the products that we thought were new start to give up and new developments enter the market. Chinese programmers from a private company based on the well-known Internet Explorer browser, adapted it to the conditions of the Internet of our time and got a new, fast browser Maxthon. Follow the link on this page and download the free official version of Maxthon for iOS.

It is compatible with iOS platforms version 11.0 or newer.

One of the features of the new browser is the ability to control the program with the mouse, you just need to press the right button on it. Another feature is a large number of plug-ins that turn the browser from an ordinary to a super-powerful product for the conquest of the Internet space.

The Maxthon browser has

  • simultaneous browsing of multiple tabs;
  • saving open tabs in case of a device crash;
  • ad blocking and Adobe Flash with a special hunter;
  • support for user-created skins;
  • a large number of plugins Internet Explorer and Maxthon;
  • automatic updates;
  • RSS widget.

How to install Maxthon for iOS

The Maxthon browser is easy to install on your mobile device. Use the following easy-to-follow instructions. Click the Download button on this page, open the file, wait for the software to install on your mobile device, and then open the browser to access the Internet.

If the well-known browsers do not satisfy your needs for work or visiting the Internet, take the chance to try the new Maxthon browser and discover a new level of mastering the Internet.