The Maxthon browser was created by employees of a Chinese private company, using the Internet Explorer browser as the basis. The application opened the way to a new era of browsing from the Internet. Maxthon uses two cores Webkit and Trident, which increases the speed of opening web pages. Follow the link and download the free official version of Maxthon for Mac OS.

Maxthon is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.10 and later.

The program is designed for mass use, with the help of HTML5 and improved features of the program, increased speed of file sharing between different devices and different platforms.

Features supported by Maxthon browser

  • you can open and view multiple tabs at once;
  • ad blocking, banners;
  • mouse control;
  • skins and plugins support;
  • updates.

How to install Maxthon for Mac OS

Maxthon browser installation is quite simple, click on the download file on this page, open the file after downloading and wait for the program to be installed on your device, then open the browser to access the Internet.

The creators of the browser Maxthon did not stop there, they intend to make Maxthon a super product and take the work in the Internet space to a very high level. You can install the browser on your mobile device and evaluate the application yourself.