In the age of digital technologies, when all the information of the world is collected in a global network, users are interested in constant access to it and the opportunity to use it for their own purposes. To solve this problem, developers create special browser programs, one of which is Vivaldi. The presented software product is not just a web browser, but a special professional program that gives the user access to a considerable number of functions and features. Download the official version of Vivaldi for Linux for free from our website and optimize your work with Internet resources.


This utility is designed to run on computers and laptops running the Linux operating system.

Basic Functions

The application is light and intuitive, suitable for every user, both confident and novice. The presented software product is endowed with a considerable number of options and advantages:

  • Possibility of synchronization. When creating a Vivaldi account, users can seamlessly browse bookmarks and browser tabs on multiple devices, which greatly facilitates the work, optimizes it and makes it more convenient and easier.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. The developers have added an important and convenient option of quick commands to the presented Internet browser. Now users can control the browser using the keyboard and standard keyboard shortcuts. But they can also add new keyboard shortcuts themselves in the settings.
  • The absence of advertising for a safe and convenient user experience on the Internet, Vivaldi provides protection against unwanted and malicious advertising that compulsively interferes with the work and use of websites. The program also blocks pop-ups, which is also an advantage of the utility.
  • Configuring the express panel. Everyone can customize it for themselves by adding the necessary links there, installing it in the right order, etc.
  • Nice customizable interface. In the presented browser, users can independently change the browser theme and program language through the settings panel. This way you can fully customize the browser for yourself and make your stay on the web more pleasant.
  • Group tabs. Now there is no need to get confused and get lost in a lot of open tabs. Group the necessary tabs on the same level - above or below the additional tab bar.


It is difficult now to imagine life without the Internet and constant access to it. In order not to have to imagine, you need to choose the most effective and high-quality browser that will provide you with Internet access and cause positive emotions. Download Vivaldi for free from our website.