Pale Moon or Pale Moon is a modification of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser based on the Goanna open-source engine. The developers of the application redesigned the functions of the browser to optimize it. At the same time, retained the ability to synchronize it with Mozilla Firefox extensions. Use the link on this page and download the official version of Pale Moon for Linux free.

The browser is compatible with Linux platform version 29.4.0 and higher.

Pale Moon has a large number of changes that improve the performance of the program and its speed.

The main features of the Pale Moon browser

The main features of the Pale Moon browser are:

  • Maximum optimization of the application.
  • Browser is optimized for modern platforms.
  • Search engine DuckDuckGo, which saves your mobile device from ads.
  • Possibility to install plugins.
  • Large database of styles and themes.

How to download Pale Moon for Linux

Download the file from this page. Then open it and install the program. Once the browser is installed you can start working.

Some features were removed from the Pale Moon browser such as: parental controls, the built-in PDF viewer and some others. By removing these applications, we were able to increase the speed of the browser by 25%.