Arduino is a set of software interfaces for creating games and multimedia applications. The software includes support for high-performance 2D and 3D graphics, audio, and input and output devices. With the help of Arduino, it has become easier to create games using the effects of raster graphics and other properties. In simple words, if the video card supports Arduino, it will be able to fulfill requests of programs created using the API. The application supports a large number of operating systems, including Linux. You can download Arduino for free for Linux official version using the links that are on our page.

Main functions

The current version of Arduino contains many useful built-in features:

  • fast and secure operation process;
  • graphic effects;
  • universal monitoring mode;
  • manual configuration;
  • general control panels;
  • encryption;
  • auto-notifications;
  • password protection;
  • tunneling, anonymity.

How do I install the program

To download Arduino to your computer for free, you need to do the following:

  1. follow the link to the page intended for installation;
  2. read the description. Find out the version number and functions;
  3. familiarize yourself with the built-in features and supported devices;
  4. find and click on the "Download here" or "Install" button;
  5. wait for the download to finish.

Important! The device's memory must be free, and the installation permission has been confirmed.

How to use it

  • the "System" tab contains all the information about the system;
  • "Files" will show the available information about the components installed in the system;
  • on the "Display" tab, you can check the "Draw" and "3D" options, as well as speed up their work and AGP textures;
  • "Sound" checks "Sound", and also sets the level of hardware acceleration;
  • the "Music" function;
  • on the "Input" tab, you can check the operation of the device and diagnose the system for device problems;
  • "Network" helps to launch "Play". In the dialog box “Check Play" you need to enter a username and select a provider. Next, you need to create a new work session and click on the "OK" panel. If the connection is made using a modem, the user needs to click the "Reply" button. Connecting via modem means you need to switch the modem to auto-reply mode. Running MSInfo will mean changing the refresh rate of the Draw screen.

Let's summarize the results

So, working with Arduino is simple and worked out according to the algorithm of actions. The panels can be translated into any language based on the user's needs. The utility is free, and the use is safe.