Experience a sophisticated browsing experience with Opera for Linux, an exceptional browser designed to work seamlessly with various Linux distributions. In this article, you'll learn about supported Linux versions, discover Opera's unique features, and learn how it enhances your Linux experience.

Linux compatibility

Opera targets the diverse Linux ecosystem, providing compatibility with the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • Arch Linux
  • openSUSE
  • CentOS

Key features for Linux

  1. Free VPN integration: Enjoy an extra layer of security and privacy with Opera's built-in VPN, allowing Linux users to browse anonymously and access regionally restricted content.
  2. Adaptive Interface: Opera's interface easily adapts to the Linux desktop environment, providing the integrity and feel of a native browser.
  3. Extensions and Add-ons: Customise your browser with the many extensions and add-ons available in the Opera shop, increasing functionality and personalisation.
  4. Energy Efficient Design: Opera is renowned for its energy efficiency, providing smooth web browsing on Linux systems without wasting system resources.

Unleashing the full potential of Opera on Linux

Opera for Linux goes beyond traditional browsing by offering a feature-rich and productive experience. With compatibility with major Linux distributions and a host of innovative features, Opera is a testament to efficient and elegant browsing on the Linux platform.


Opera for Linux is a testament to Opera's commitment to an inclusive approach, offering a high-end browser for the Linux community. Whether you use Ubuntu, Fedora or any other major distribution, Opera for Linux guarantees a secure, efficient and customisable browsing experience.