Many companies use traffic analysis to track which sites users are visiting and for what purpose. This is done in order to display ads for products and services similar to those viewed by the user on the sites in the future. Or to perform more dangerous actions. To protect your anonymity when visiting the Internet, use special browsers, such as Tor Browser, which can hide the location and IP-address of the device that was used to access the network. Download the free official version of Tor Browser for Linux on this page.

For more anonymity and portability, we recommend using the browser from a flash drive. It will require 80 megabytes of memory.

Tor Browser uses the transmission of encrypted information through multiple servers that are located around the world, this affects the speed of the browser. Therefore, Tor Browser is used only when visiting blocked sites in the country of the user, in other cases the normal browser is used.

Tor Browser is compatible with Linux Unix and BSD platforms, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Options and features of Tor Browser for Linux

  • ensuring anonymity on the web;
  • deleting browsing history;
  • concealment of a location;
  • bypassing blocked sites;
  • no ads;
  • free usage.

How to download Tor Browser for Linux

Download the file on this page, then open your download folder and double-click on the installed file. Once the browser is fully loaded and its shortcut appears on the desktop, it is ready to use.


Tor Browser ensures user privacy when accessing the Internet, even if you try to switch the browser window to full screen mode a message appears that such actions will allow websites to determine the monitor's resolution. Using Tor Browser alone does not guarantee complete anonymity. Users must follow the rules of safe browsing, do not install additional extensions, do not open multimedia sites when connected to the network, if they want to comply with 100% anonymity.