OpenOffice is a set of applications with which you can open or create a document in doc, xlx, etc. format, add tables, charts and graphs to pages. The software also has synchronization with cloud storage. This is convenient, because users can start working on one device and make corrections to documents on another. The software supports many operating systems, including Linux. You can download the official version of OpenOffice for Linux for free if you follow the link on this page.

Application’s content

The package includes the following programs:

  • Writer - a program for working with text documents and HTML;
  • Calc is an application for working with spreadsheets;
  • Base – a utility for creating databases;
  • Draw - a program for creating and editing images;
  • Impress is an application for creating presentations;
  • Math is a utility for working with mathematical formulas.

Software's features

  • working with text files;
  • adding tables and images;
  • creating presentations;
  • synchronization with the cloud;
  • notes in documents;
  • working in a team on a single project;
  • create PDF from photos;
  • fast file sharing.

Installing of the program

To successfully download to a computer or laptop, you should perform a simple algorithm, because you only need:

  1. follow the link;
  2. read about the functions and features;
  3. find the "Download" button;
  4. double-click on the installation file;
  5. install;
  6. that's it!

Working with graphics

The OpenOffice package has a special program for working with graphics – Draw. The software interface is divided into two toolbars and a built-in panel with which users can manage the document and add various elements to the workspace.

Working with formulas

To perform accurate calculations using formulas, the Math program was created in the package. Computer algebra, which was based on the Mathematica system, is used to perform calculations. Math has special windows for entering code, displaying formulas and selecting operations in the central part.


OpenOffice is a popular free software package that will help you create, open, and edit a document in any format. Users can resume reading; that is, the next time they open a document from the cloud, the application will show the place where the user stopped at the last viewing on another device.