Tor Browser is a browser that can unblock sites that are closed in the user's country. Also, this browser is popular among businessmen, journalists and human rights activists, because it allows you to safely exchange information. Download the free official version of Tor Browser for Mac OS on this page.

Tor Browser will help the most intrepid users to visit the world of "dark" Internet. The Darknet web includes the most anonymous sites that are often associated with hacking, underground casinos, drug dealing and illegal activities. When visiting sites that contain malicious content, every user should understand the risks involved. 

The Tor browser uses a system of proxies to set up an anonymous network connection, called onion routing. With this system, messages are encrypted and sent across multiple network nodes. Each node removes one layer of encryption and sends the message to the next node. Removing one encryption layer at a time is like peeling the scales of an onion.

The browser is compatible with Mac OS version 10.9 and later.

Tor Browser for Mac OS options and features

  • ensuring anonymity on the web;
  • delete browsing history;
  • hide your location;
  • bypass blocked sites;
  • no ads;
  • free use.

How to download Tor Browser for Mac OS

Download the file on this page, then open the download folder and click on the installed file twice, once the browser is fully loaded, it will be ready to use.


There are tricky things about the browser system that affect the anonymity of users. The fact is that every network server that serves the browser is controlled by people, and they can deploy spying activities if a user visits an unsecured site.