GIMP is a free photo editor designed for editing graphic and vector images. This software is popular because of the large number of useful functions and professional retouching tools. The GIMP graphic editor is ideal for use by designers, web developers, commercial illustrators, artists and photographers. You can download the official version of GIMP for Linux for free on our page.

Features of the raster editor GIMP

GIMP contains tools such as: RGB curves, many templates, slides and histograms. The user can work with the aspect ratio, as well as changing the color correction schedule. You can also control metadata when exporting. The user has the ability to add their own watermarks.

It is also possible to:

  • view photos in several modes;
  • recording coordinates and metadata;
  • editing snapshots;
  • applying effects;
  • assigning labels and keywords;
  • manual shadow adjustment;
  • setting color and tone parameters;
  • removing unnecessary objects or people;
  • ability to go back to previous versions;
  • application of inscriptions and logos;
  • quick adjustment of settings;
  • interaction with digital cameras;
  • adding watermarks;
  • perspective correction;
  • correction of defects.

Downloading of software

To install the program on a computer or laptop, follow these steps:

  1. follow the link to install;
  2. find and click on the "Download" button;
  3. run the installation file;
  4. specify the path for the file, for example, desktop;
  5. wait until the package is fully loaded.

Some GIMP`s features

The functionality of the application allows you to change the size of the photo for printing or display on the monitor. The image can be compressed and enlarged using the built-in interpolation methods.

The interface allows you to analyze colors. The Histogram tool will help the user to analyze the image during processing.

The image can be divided into layers that have their own properties: size, transparency, and others. A similar structure is typical for psd or xcf formats. When editing png or jpg, the image will automatically become the first layer above which new ones can be added.


GIMP is a popular graphics processing tool that has excellent flexibility and useful functionality. With the help of this software, you can draw, work with design for websites, as well as process both raster and vector graphics.