GIMP is a free raster graphics editor. The software will help in solving a huge range of both simple and complex tasks for working with digital photos and images. The functionality of the popular graphic editor can be expanded with the help of numerous plugins. The application has a large set of tools for color correction and drawing. The user can use additional image correction by applying screen filters. You can download the official version of GIMP for Mac OS for free on our page.

Features of software

  • editing image size, color gamut, contrast, clarity, performing rotations;
  • the ability to combine several projects into one with editing and text overlay;
  • images can be converted according to the support of common formats;
  • pencils, brushes, stamps for forming drawings and logos;
  • editing and moving layers according to the requirements of the wizard;
  • selection of objects and image areas;
  • tablet drawing and scanners.
  • painting
  • a large number of drawing tools;
  • freely scalable brushes;
  • support for brush dynamics;
  • support for graphics tablets.

Screen`s filters

  • imitation of different types of color blindness;
  • gamma correction;
  • contrast correction;
  • color management.

Customizable interface

  • floating dialog boxes are easily grouped and regrouped;
  • any menu can be turned into a freely movable window.

Loading of the graphic editor

To install the software on a computer or laptop, you need to select the appropriate link on our website in accordance with the operating system installed on the device. After installation, the utility icon will appear on the device screen. It remains only to double-click on it and start using it.

Using of editing tools

  1. Image management is available in the main menu. Here the user can switch windows, layers, color scheme and filters.
  2. A useful set of functions is located on the toolbar, with which you can select an area, rotate and enlarge an image or text.
  3. After selecting the tool, a dialog box menu will open to configure the parameters of the selected function. For example: brush thickness, color.


GIMP is a popular flexible graphic editor created in 1995, which is perfect for drawing, web design development and graphic design. Using the application, you can easily and quickly access a huge number of ready-made effects and tools.