Binance for Linux is a virtual application for conducting cryptocurrency trading operations. The platform is presented with relatively low trading fees and a large selection of cryptocurrencies around the world. Users are offered various options for the implementation of financial currencies, which include futures and options, as well as orders. To download the official version of the application for Linux for free, just click on the link on our website and select the appropriate version of the operating system.

The Binance application was developed for the Linux operating system.

Application features

  • a fairly large selection of cryptocurrency pairs;
  • decent depth of the stock glass;
  • a large selection of tools for analyzing the stock market;
  • buying and selling cryptocurrencies;
  • secure transaction during the purchase, sale and withdrawal of funds to the wallet.

How to download and use the Binance application for Linux

To use Binance for Linux on a PC, you need to go to the downloads section, download the .deb installation package, run the commands:

sudo apt install ./Descargas/binance*.deb

sudo dpkg -i Descargas/binance*.deb

After installing the application, you can launch it using the "Application Menu -GNU/Linux", where the name of the Binance program will be indicated.


The Binance program provides its traders with additional earning opportunities. For a beginner, the application may seem incomprehensible, but if you turn to a special section of technical support, you can figure everything out. The functionality is logical and clear. Also in the application, you can find many useful options that will help you profitably sell and buy cryptocurrency.