NBMiner - has a closed source NVidia and AMD GPU-miner graphics cards with support for ETH, RVN, GRIN, BEAM, CFX, AE, SERO, ERGO for NVidia CUDA, as well as regular AMD graphics cards that are available for the Linux operating system. The platform has implemented support for pool configuration with backup. Mainer also supports ssl connections with pools. The program has support for two important NVidia and AMD video cards, it is the leader of hashrates due to the use of various maininga algorithms. Therefore, to download the free official version of NBMiner for Linux, you can use the link on our website.

NBMiner is available on Linux.

Platform's features

  • BTM mining is supported – power is calculated at a certain frequency, which has a default algorithm;
  • ETH mining is supported – getting maximum income with the support of ethproxy protocol pools;
  • dual mining is supported;
  • you can set up a backup mining pool.

Download NBMiner for Linux

For a hashrate in a GPU miner, we suggest doing a few actions and getting closer to earning:

  1. click on the boot file;
  2. we extract the platform using the archiver program;
  3. edit the file for the cryptocurrency you want to mine;
  4. save the changes to the file;
  5. launch NBMiner (perhaps your OS can request a launch from the Administrator);
  6. everything is ready, you can mine.

Launching the program

We start the miner using the terminal


We must run the sh Terminal in the same directory where

the cd miner is located C:\path\to\file\NBMiner



NBMiner for Linux is an excellent graphical platform for mining coins with up to 70% profit from the maximum unlocked hashrate.