T-Rex is an easy to use program with highly optimized software for selling and buying cryptocurrencies. The program has its potential because it uses modern NVidia graphics cards with unique optimization methods. Mainer works due to its own software, which will allow fast sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. Those products offered by developers for mining become publicly available. Therefore, to install the free official version of T-Rex for Linux, you need to follow the link and choose the appropriate version and bit-size of the operating system.

T-Rex Miner is provided to work on a Linux device.

Options and features

  • high speed of pooling;
  • large number of algorithms;
  • HTTP use;
  • API integration;
  • improvement and user support during the mining process.

Download T-Rex software for Linux

To install the mainer software, you need to follow the link on our website and with a few clicks start mining:

  • Download the tar.gz format boot file;
  • After downloading the software, choose the desired script file bash or sh, depending on the algorithm you want to use to get the cryptocurrency;
  • Run the ready-made or just downloaded file for mining.

If everything is done correctly, you can start earning today.


T-Rex for Linux is a handy platform for mining using different algorithms that are optimized for new video cards. While mining, the user can choose the cryptocurrency that is offered by the developers. After performing a certain operation with the cryptocurrency, it can be withdrawn to the wallet.